Packaging & Delivery


Before ordering, please carefully check that the items that you plan to purchase will fit into the intended space in your home or office.

  1. CHECK the dimensions of the space in which the product will be placed:
    • Allow for skirting boards especially in recesses, door or window frames, and headroom under any unusual spaces such as sloping roofs.
    • When ordering an item remember to consider your Product’s size when opened.
    • Product dimensions shown are taken from the largest or widest point H = Height, W = Width, D= Depth.
  2. MEASURE any staircases, doorways or corridors the Product will have to pass through, including space for maneuvering and turning:
    • This is especially important on bulky Products as they require extra space for manoeuvering during delivery and so all measurements should be carefully checked.
    • To protect your Products, wherever possible we deliver into the delivery address fully boxed and packaged.
  3. LET US KNOW at time of order if there are any access restrictions or special needs, which must be considered to ensure successful delivery.
    • Our delivery vehicles can be large. Please check that they can gain safe and ample access to or immediately adjacent to the delivery address.